According To a Billionaire, Real Estate is The Best Investment

Real estate is the best investment according to billionaire John Paulson. He said this during an interview that he had at Delivering Alpha Conference that was presented by Institutional Investor and CNBC. During the interview, he openly said that from his individual perspective, he believes that the best investment that anyone can make is buying a residence to become an owner occupier.

John Paulson: Who is He?

John Paulson is a billionaire who made a fortune in 2005 and 2006 by betting that the subprime mess will make the Heber real estate market collapse. He bet that this mess would lead to a collapse of real estate market because he really understands how this market works and knows exactly when to buy and when to sell pieces of real estate properties. This is what has made him successful in real estate. This also made him receive different descriptions from many quarters. According to Forbes, John Paulson is an investment genius and a multi-billionaire hedge fund operator. He has also been featured on the wall street journal which describes him as a hedge fund business man who has made a name for himself. He made a fortune by betting against the subprime mortgages when most people did not even know what they are.

Why He Believes Home Ownership Is Such An Important Investment

Paulson says that today’s financing cost for people who want to buy a house is extremely low. It is lower that it has ever been in the past. He says that it is possible to get a 3 year mortgage at a rate of close to 4.5 percent. He further goes ahead to say that if you decide to put down 10 percent and the house goes up by 5 percent(this is according to the latest data), then you will be up to 50 percent in your real estate investment. The good thing about real estate investments is the fact that they always start appreciating as soon as you invest in them.

Paulson then goes ahead to compare the benefits of owning a home verses renting a home in the long run. He says that when you own a home, you have locked in cost over the whole period that you will be paying your mortgage, say 30 years. This is a good move because the cost of renting a home today is somewhat higher than the cost of buying a home. Furthermore, when you rent a house, the cost of renting will go up every year. When you take up a 30-year mortgage on the other hand, the cost will remain fixed. Buying a home is therefore is obviously a better choice because you don’t even know by how much the rent will increase in the next 30 years.

People usually clamor to hear the advices that are being given by billionaires. This is because everyone who is not a billionaire dreams to be a billionaire in future. John Paulson gives a very simple free advice to everyone; if you don’t live in your own home yet, make a point of buying one.

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