High Standards of Living in Scottsdale, Arizona Real Estate

McDowell MountainsIf you have been planning to move to Arizona or buy a vacation home in the state, one of the excellent real estate options to consider is the Scottsdale, AZ neighborhoods. Scottsdale by itself is one of the happening cities in Arizona as it offers a rich mix of modern living standards, a healthy outdoor atmosphere and a vibrant night life ideally suited for different members of the family and for all age groups.

Exciting Scottsdale Neighborhood to choose from

DC Ranch

If you are keen on having your home overseeing the mountain ranges, then DC range is an excellent match. DC ranch is a well planned community that forms the base for the surrounding McDowell Mountains. This region is one of the most sought after real estate destination in Scottsdale as it comes with a host of educational, Entertainment, shopping and outdoor sports recreation facilities. There are carefully planned biking and trekking trails for the outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in daily outdoor routines. For doing weekend shopping and leisurely weekend dining, family members can choose from a variety of shops and restaurants in Canyon Village and Market Street in DC range. School going children in the family can experience world class educational infrastructural facilities through quality schools in DC Ranch such as the Copper Ridge Elementary and Middle Schools and the Chaparral High School.

There are different residential property types to choose from in DC Ranch including patio homes, town homes and Condo type property. These properties are located as part of communities that come with outstanding amenities like club house, Community swimming pool and spa, Separate pool for kids, tennis courts, and community health club. View DC Ranch homes for sale here.


If you are an avid golf fan or an amateur golf player interested in playing weekend golf for leisure, Grayhawk in Scottsdale is an excellent neighborhood to buy a property. Grayhawk comes with two popular golf courses in the form of Raptor Golf course and Talon Golf Courses. You can look for a condo property or a town home or a custom built home in locations that are close to these golf courses such as the Raptor retreat and the Talon Retreat. Both the golf courses are 72 yard golf courses and offer plenty of opportunities to have unlimited weekend fun. For schooling needs, there are quality educational institutions in the form of Grayhawk Elementary school, Mountain Trail high school and the Pinnacle High school. The residential community comes in built with a range of sports facilities including basketball courts, Baseball fields, Volleyball courts and soccer fields for youngsters to indulge in their favorite sports activities.

new construction in front of McDowell MountainsGainey Ranch

If you prefer a resort style of living, Gainey Ranch would be an ideal option. This is one of the areas in Scottsdale where you can see plenty of lush green landscape containing a mix of palm trees and flowery bushes. Gainey Ranch is also a shopping paradise in the Scottsdale, AZ Neighborhoods with plenty of shopping attractions to choose from including Mountain View Plaza, Scottsdale promenade and Shea Scottsdale Center.

You can look for condos and town homes ranging between 800 Square feet and 1500 Square feet as well as single family homes starting from 2000 Square feet and going up to 6000 square feet. The region is well served by quality educational institutions in the form of Cochise Elementary School and Chaparral High school. Gainey Ranch Golf Course is a popular golf course in this region that attracts both professional golf players and those who play for fun during the weekends. Property owners in Gainey Ranch have access to Gainey Estate club that provide a host of facilities including tennis courts, pools and fitness center.

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According To a Billionaire, Real Estate is The Best Investment

Real estate is the best investment according to billionaire John Paulson. He said this during an interview that he had at Delivering Alpha Conference that was presented by Institutional Investor and CNBC. During the interview, he openly said that from his individual perspective, he believes that the best investment that anyone can make is buying a residence to become an owner occupier.

John Paulson: Who is He?

John Paulson is a billionaire who made a fortune in 2005 and 2006 by betting that the subprime mess will make the Heber real estate market collapse. He bet that this mess would lead to a collapse of real estate market because he really understands how this market works and knows exactly when to buy and when to sell pieces of real estate properties. This is what has made him successful in real estate. This also made him receive different descriptions from many quarters. According to Forbes, John Paulson is an investment genius and a multi-billionaire hedge fund operator. He has also been featured on the wall street journal which describes him as a hedge fund business man who has made a name for himself. He made a fortune by betting against the subprime mortgages when most people did not even know what they are.

Why He Believes Home Ownership Is Such An Important Investment

Paulson says that today’s financing cost for people who want to buy a house is extremely low. It is lower that it has ever been in the past. He says that it is possible to get a 3 year mortgage at a rate of close to 4.5 percent. He further goes ahead to say that if you decide to put down 10 percent and the house goes up by 5 percent(this is according to the latest data), then you will be up to 50 percent in your real estate investment. The good thing about real estate investments is the fact that they always start appreciating as soon as you invest in them.

Paulson then goes ahead to compare the benefits of owning a home verses renting a home in the long run. He says that when you own a home, you have locked in cost over the whole period that you will be paying your mortgage, say 30 years. This is a good move because the cost of renting a home today is somewhat higher than the cost of buying a home. Furthermore, when you rent a house, the cost of renting will go up every year. When you take up a 30-year mortgage on the other hand, the cost will remain fixed. Buying a home is therefore is obviously a better choice because you don’t even know by how much the rent will increase in the next 30 years.

People usually clamor to hear the advices that are being given by billionaires. This is because everyone who is not a billionaire dreams to be a billionaire in future. John Paulson gives a very simple free advice to everyone; if you don’t live in your own home yet, make a point of buying one.

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Millionaires Look To Real Estate as Top Investment for 2014

432_Park_AvenueAccording to Morgan Stanley, millionaires across the United States see real estate as the best alternative asset they could own in 2014

A survey conducted by the N.Y. based investment bank revealed there are approximately 77% of investors with at least one million dollars in assets who own real estate assets. A large part of the country’s millionaires took direct ownership of commercial and residential properties this year as a very effective investment method which promises to be a great income maker. Out of all these people, 1/3 them said they are planning on buying this year. The second most popular choice amongst investors was to invest in real estate investment trusts, with 23% of them planning on doing so this year.

Because equities surge and fixed income continues to remain incredibly low, according to Riverside, CA Real Estate experts, many rich investors consider turning to a rebounding real estate market. In fact, in the twelve months ended January thirty firsts the value of US commercial property rose by eight percent and since they hit their bottom after the recession, they managed to jump 71%.

The third most popular investment alternative this year were collectibles with twenty percent of millionaires being ready to buy. The next two best investment choices were private equity at 19% and precious metals at 16%.  (http://www.ultrarei.com/millionaires-see-real-estate-as-top-investment-for-2014/)

Interest Rates

Over the next few years most investors believe that interests may remain stable or even decline, while stocks are sure to get more expensive. This is in fact the main reason why they are interested in alternatives such as real estate for income and returns.

Having a minimum of ten million dollars in investable assets, members of Tiger21 decided to increase their allocation to real estate in 2013 to twenty one percent starting from the 4th quarter from nineteen percent in the first 3 months of the ear.

One of the Tiger21 members (Will Ade) said stocks show quite a lot of vulnerability in 2014 and that is why real estate seems like a pretty great investment alternative. This year the S&P five hundred has fallen more than 4%, while stocks from developing countries have fallen due to concerns the economies are only going to get worse.

Foreign Buyers

One example of the great faith many millionaires have in real estate are the 432 Park Avenue and One57 buildings where there are units under contract for more than ninety million dollars. Many foreign buyers decided to purchase US real estate not only for their own safety, but because properties are also denominated in the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar. As a result, this is helping many domestic millionaires with maintaining the value of their various property investments.


Chilean Fund


During the 4th quarter of 2013, MSWM surveyed 1004 investors from the United States aged between twenty five and seventy five years old who had at least 100 thousand dollars in assets. The data from the survey showed that 1/3 of them had more than one million dollars.


It seems that owning real estate is very attractive for a lot of rich people and that’s due to the stream of rental income and the appreciation of property value, but also due to superior supervision and control over the investments.



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